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Tue at 03:06pm

Host of Angels

Blood Angels Legion featuring all Legion Specific units and most LA infantry units as well as some vehicles and Dreads.

I’m keen for any feedback but I’m particularly interested in any tips for speeding up the process, my painting time is limi...read more

Tue at 02:11am

Daemon Prince

Custom Daemon Prince of Nurgle
Mon at 10:01am

Ultramarines project

Work on my ultramarines army.
Sun at 01:05am

Hellblaster Sergent

Sat, Mar 02 at 10:11pm

Adepticon 2019 Army

Mar 29, 2018

Tau Army

Mar 29, 2018

Test of Honour scenarios 1-6

Painted the required models to get to 24 points, enough to play the six scenarios in the core boxed game.
Jan 24, 2018

The Rock

Custom army board showcasing the Rock in space. Bristling with guns and medieval turrets, there also lie ruins which hint at a mysterious past.
Jan 22, 2018

Angels of Absolution army

Angels of absolution army with a custom land raider crusader. Dreadnought style multi-melta is positioned at the fire, with a sponsor mounted assault cannon for better anti infantry agility. Custom green lights are drilled into the body.