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Crons 1k

Points: 1000

Power Level: N/A

Game System: Warhammer 40k

Factions: Sautekh Dynasty



Faction: Sautekh Dynasty

Command Points: 1

Detachment Points: 990

Detachment Power: 0

Immortals 10x - Immortals

Base Cost x Models: 17 X 10

Total Points: 170Power Level (Alt Points):

Necron Warriors - Troops - Necron Warriors

Base Cost x Models: 12 X 15

Total Points: 180Power Level (Alt Points):

Wraiths w/ Particle Casters - Wraiths

Base Cost x Models: 59 X 5

Total Points: 295Power Level (Alt Points):

Heavy Destroyers - Heavy Destroyers

Base Cost x Models: 57 X 3

Total Points: 171Power Level (Alt Points):

Cryptek w/ Staff of Light and Veil of Darkness - HQ - Cryptek

Base Cost x Models: 80 X 1

Total Points: 80Power Level (Alt Points):

Overlord w/ Staff of Light - HQ - Overlord

Base Cost x Models: 94 X 1

Total Points: 94Power Level (Alt Points):

Strategic Info

Model Count: 35

Command Points: 4

Detachment Count: 1

Points Used: 990

Power Level Used (Alt Points): 0

Warlord: Cryptek

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